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Klipsch Chorus II Rare Gems in All Original Excellent Condition

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Selling my consecutive serial numbered Klipsch Chorus II speakers in original condition. Few minor nicks and dings but overall in original excellent condition considering their age. Buyer is welcome to demo before purchase. Other components in pictures are not for sale. I can ship these but buyer will be responsible for cost. Please inquire if you would like these shipped. 3% PayPal fee for transactions.  I would like to sell these locally in the SF Bay Area and would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance or meet halfway. Please ask with any questions.


Asking $1200.00 for the pair.


2016-07-03 at 14-37-40.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-37-16.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-35-09.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-34-35.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-38-48.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-39-46.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-40-46.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-41-09.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-43-07.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-42-59.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-42-19.jpg2016-07-03 at 14-42-01.jpg

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11 hours ago, Weber said:

Welcome to the forum . 


What are you putting in their place?

Thanks for the welcome. I actually have a pair of older Cornwalls in the corners, you can't see them in the pics but they are there :)

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11 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

It's refreshing when people provide good pics. Those look very nice....glws

Thanks, and yes it is. Too many bad pictures people post trying to sell gear.

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