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Found a cheap pair of KG 5.2 speakers in good condition except for 3 small rips in the surrounds of one woofer - pass or buy?


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I've been shopping for a pair of used Klipsch horn speakers for awhile now and finally found a pair of Klipsch KG5.2 two-ways in my area. 
The seller was asking $300 for the pair, but when I went to check them out last night I noticed three small tears in the surrounds of one of the woofers, less than half an inch each. The surrounds didn't feel brittle or break apart when I pressed them lightly so I think they might have originally been rubber, not foam? Hopefully someone can chime in to confirm.
The other three woofers looked fine, and I think the speakers sounded great, although it was my first time listening to horn-loaded tweeters so I might've missed something. 
I talked the guy down to $200, but I'm wondering if that's even worth it? I found a pair of replacement foams here for $25, plus the time and effort to learn how to do it (it'll be my first surround replacement). It could even be more if I decide to replace all of them. 
I guess my question is, is it inadvisable to use them with the rips? I'd say there are three small tears less than half an inch in size around one of the woofers. Does the sound quality diminish significantly when tears happen, and will it get worse over time as I play them?
Images attached, thanks!



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You may know all I'm about to say already.


The rips on the surround are on the 10" woofer which is the active woofer.  This speaker is a sealed system using a passive radiator (12") and therefore air leaks are probably more of a problem than a vented system.  Check on YouTube for videos on replacing the surrounds.  Not terribly hard to do.  Should be good as new.  I suggest measuring the woofer cone if you haven't already to make sure the new surrounds have the same width.  While you're at it you can do the second one after you practice on the first. These are 27 years old so the PRs may need refoaming.  Someone was pushing them pretty hard to get three rips in one woofer.   I've replaced a lot of Large Advent foam surrounds which can be a little tricky.  A lot of the sellers have written instructions in the kit or on their website.  Good luck and post pics when you're done.

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If one is gone, plan on replacing all of the surrounds.  I had that experience with old JBLs.  Then decide if it is still worth it.  The KG 5.2s are good, but not a highly desirable speaker so make sure it is worth it.  The price might go down more as few people are willing to buy "broken" speakers.  Also a very tough time to be selling.

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