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Kg set up


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I have 2 kg4's with titanium tweets it appears. I have become a klipsch believer these last 2 months,already scored a pair of forte ii that were destroyed by ups before i could hear them..and have taken it as a sign from the gods that my ears and love for bass, need to keep me with what i have for now...which i have a hunch might be bob crites upgrades...unless all the tweets in these look silver when you stare inside from the front of the horn...anyways....klipsch=yes. And probably a lifetime of upgrades...side moves and additions...congrats. im getting a certification in accounting so that i can increase my income and budgeting skills so that i can further my obsession.

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47 minutes ago, Carlosjr323 said:

The truth im blown away. This is my very 1st set up and just wanted some feedback on it. 

If you are blown away, then it's perfect.


44 minutes ago, Carlosjr323 said:

Ive heard the kg sub is rare. Would love to own 2 to complete my set up. 

You aren't really missing much from what I know.  Look into the SW series, might give you a little bit more.

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