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Heresy 1 pair in Grand Rapids MI


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I actually put in a best offer for these when the seller originally listed these last night. His sell price then was $325 a pair or best offer. Also it worked out to $25 for shipping in the Ebay calculator. He then contacted me to counter my offer and to tell me how rare these are. He would go no lower than $300 for them if I was interested....but he won't ship them.? ? ?


This fellow then went in and made changes to the listing. They are now more than double his original asking price and he still has shipping available. What a stretch to think he only has a feedback rating of one....lol

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I saw that too, but I certainly don't need another pair of Heresy's, so I passed it by....I would guess he had a bunch of offers and said to himself..."Self, it looks like I priced these too low, and so I'll make a bunch of people mad, change the listing to an unrealistic price and sit on them for a while...."  That seems about right.


FWIW, if you see something in Grand Rapids or thereabouts, I only live about 95 miles away, was raised there, and still have a bunch of friends there.  I go up at least once a month.....



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48 minutes ago, teaman said:

Seems like quite a market in GR for Klipsch. I constantly find their stuff on CL.I am about three hours from there myself, but waaaaaay too lazy to drive out there

Grand Rapids is a very interesting town.  In the late 60's, and 70's, it was a hotbed of music.....great rock radio stations, tons of concerts and music shops (vinyl, equipment, etc), and consequently I think there is a really good market for vintage gear there now.  If I could live anywhere in the midwest other than where I live now, it would be GR, and not just because of that.....

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Offer submitted, waiting on a response.

There is some crazy going on in these parts - see below.


A listing from Grand Haven, MI on Letgo:


$350 - per speaker?


His other ad is $650



And another is $750




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