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New reference premeire HD wireless troubleshooting


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Hello all,

I recently installed a 5.1 setup of the HD reference wireless series.  While the sound is awesome, I am having some intermittent issues:

1)Occasionally one of the speakers loses connection, usually after coming back to the home theatre and powering on everything after being away for a while.  The wireless hub OSD shows "uncommon setup detected" and then when I look one of the 6 speakers is disconnected.  It always reconnects properly if I go through the setup process again, but it is annoying to have to do that so often.  Is this a known issue.  I have firmware v 1.5.12 which according to the site is the newest, released in 5/2016.


2)I am using optical audio out of my Sony Bravia XBRX930D series TV (2016), and have 3 sources I frequently use - DirecTV, the internal apps package for streaming with the TV (android TV/Netflix/amazon, etc), and a Playstation 4 Pro (2016 model).  My TV is able to identify and pass through bitstream audio up to 5.1 for DD and DTS, and was able to do this with my old audio receiver.  Sometimes, I notice the DD or DTS light not coming on on the HD wireless Hub, even though I know the source is outputting one of these formats, and the TV identifies the format properly.  As a result I usually hear inferior sound or the surround channels are silent.  It usually takes a few resets, or switching sources, of the hub, the TV, the PS4, etc. but I cant seem to find a reason why sometimes the audio source is not identified properly.  Admittedly this may also be an issue with my TV but was wondering if anyone on the forums has experienced this issue with this TV.


3)I am trying to program my universal DirecTV remote to control the volume/mute on the HD wireless hub.  I found an article on the Klipsch site stating there are 2 codes that work with my model (Remote RC65X/66X), however neither of them seem to work.  Has anyone had luck controlling the HD wireless hub from those DirecTV remotes, and which codes were necessary to program to do that?


Thank you




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Hi Peter,


I have exactly the same issue [1], [2]  and [3] that you have described. I bought a 3.1 system a week  back and have been seeing these issues every now and then. I have no idea why it's happening. Please let me know if you figured out a solution.


My set up:


1 RP-110WSW

1 RP-440WC 


I have an optical cable connected from TV to HD control center. To see klipsch menu, I have connected a HDMI cable from out to TV In. 

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I have the full 7.2 setup. I don't have any issues with the control center detecting the signals. I have problems with the surround DSP not working at all. When I select surround mode all channel stereo while playing a 2.0 PCM signal, you would expect to hear sound from all speakers, but nothing changes.

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I have the same problem as the OP. It is very frustrating to pay this sort of money and have my sound cut out 1 to 2 times an hour.


i was under the impression that Klipsch would work to constantly improve this product so the early adopters weren't left holding the bag. It has been a year since the last firmware update. 

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So for the 2nd problem regarding output of the bitstream audio from a Sony Bravia I figured out that the TV has an option to output audio through TV speakers or audio system, but it's misleading because either choice always outputs audio through the optical cable.  However, if not set to "audio system" the audio will not be 5.1, only 2 channel.  Before the last firmware update, anytime you used the TV apps it would automatically switch to TV speakers so this was the problem.  After the latest bravia firmware this didn't happen any more.


Regarding the DirecTV remotes I've confirmed there are currently no settings compatible with the Klipsch HD wireless


As for the primary problem, still no solution.  I have to reconnect the speakers almost every day.  Tech support says I have too many wifi devices nearby which has some truth to it but no way should it remain disconnected just because it had to switch channels.  My routers have been switching channels seamlessly for years, not sure why the Klipsch control center isn't able to do this as well as any cheap router can.  Maybe it will be addressed in a firmware update (though I haven't seen one since 5/2016!)

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I'll bump again.  Klipsch are you listening?  I've got the feeling we all have an obsolete system already.  No firmware updates to solve issues and hardware was also promised if necessary when it came out. Forget free that they promised I'd buy a better control unit if they had one. Heck I wish there was a way to use just the speakers and sub with my Denon receiver.  Sounds awesome, music, movies, etc... but so many issues. 

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I spoke to the Klipsch Reps at CES a couple of weeks ago; & they promised that the HD Wireless system is not being discontinued; & that engineers are working on new updates.

I too, am having the issue with watching a movie, looking at my speakers & notice a blinking white LED, where I need to run the setup program to reconnect the speaker.

This happens almost on a daily basis...

I hope the Klipsch engineers can come up with a solution for this problem. The system sounds great!

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