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SOLD: B&K Sound Bob Crites A/4500's, must see! PRICE REDUCED..


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Built by Mr. Crites. I unscrewed the components and pulled them off the board as one. Veneered the stock Cedar boards in Tigerwood, lacquered them and screwed everything back on. Wanted to match the wood to a La Scala project I was working on. Replaced the tweeter cap with the new Jantzen Alumen Z-CAP made for tweeters and mids in passive networks. See the website if you like.


The boards don't make them sound any better of course but they look nice and are unique. The Jantzen caps were $75.00 for the pair. They are new with very few hours on them but have made a nice change in the high end. The A/4500's are $230.00 a pair new.DSCN2733.JPGDSCN2734.JPG I will leave in the Jantzen caps and toss in the Sonicaps it came with.


$180.00 including shipping and PayPal fees.

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17 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

Let us know how they sound Dave.

. I was very tempted.

I sure will.  Jordan was a true gentleman to deal with.



I may bring Mustang guy in on this before I put them in my Khorns.  Craig has a bunch of La Scalas with Type AA's, he might like to experiment to see how these affect the sound.  I will be doing A/B testing when I am ready to install.



Jim, a lot of my problem is paralysis by analysis.  I overthink everything.


I saw some A/4500's some months ago but I procrastinated while mulling over price, what my Khorn needs were, etc etc and I missed out on the last set.  I decided I did want to try the A/4500's, but I missed the last deal.


This time when they came up I didn't do any new thinking, I just went by my thinking on the last set.  Even if these eventually don't have the sound I want, the A/4500's still have value, they aren't worth nothing.  It may cost me a bit by buying, selling, shipping, but the overall financial risk is certainly less than a hundred bucks.  This feels like a solid value in my situation.


I won't be doing anything with these for the next few weeks, but after that, I'll everyone informed.

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Denovo DNA-360. (frequency chart included for Forumites who know what those things mean) I've been told it is roughly equivelant to the B&C DE-250 (8 Ohm).


Denovo SEOS Waveguide (about 12" wide)


They were pulled from a DIY project I had which featured those components and a 15" pro audio woofer.  When I got the Khorns just for fun I propped them on the top hat and plugged them in. I later unplugged them and I am currently running stock configuration, with stock AA XO's which have not been updated/refreshed.


It sounded better than the K-77 to my ears with slightly more (louder?) acoustic content, if that makes any sense.  I have about $115 in each SEOS/DNA-360 tweeter combo.


I hadn't committed to them because I didn't have an XO that would take advantage of their superior range.  They are probably overkill for a tweeter setup.  Here they are placed on some mouse pads on top of the Khorn.  The grill looks gray due to the flash, it is actually black.






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