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Belles SOLD


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With the KHorns coming it's time to move a pair of Belles. These are Santos Rosewood (veneer applied by forum member Cake about 5 years ago). The wood mid horns are Volti 2" with BMS drivers. Beyma tweeters (I have the unused adapters for CP-125 tweeters) and stock woofers. Crossovers by DeanG about 1-2 years old. Unfortunately I scratched the left side of the left top hat this summer. This is fresh and raw with no attempt to oil or cover so it probably will be less f'ing ugly with a coat of something. I do not have the stock parts.

They are located in Corpus Christi, TX and would only ship if the buyer arranged the packing and shipping as I will not be responsible for any shipping issues. I will be traveling to near Texarkana, TX Jan 6-12 and could deliver en-route.

With about $3500 in mods/crossovers, price of the matched veneer, labor and purchase price of the speakers themselves I know that I have way too much money in these and will never re-coup but I do have a place to store them if I can't get a reasonable price.


With that said, I am asking $4000 for the pair. Yep that is a bunch for us cheapskates on the forum. I MIGHT be open to trade for a nice, modern McIntosh integrated amp.


Belles finish not loaded.jpg


Left Belle damage.jpg

Pair side.jpg

Left Belle Front.jpg

Right Belle.jpg

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22 hours ago, richieb said:

Damn nice work on the Belles, USN. Someone will have splendid, rare examples of one of Paul's finest. But to trade for a run-of-the-mill McIntosh??

I think better to have a simple, nice looking Mc to play two channel to the Khorns (rather than the Marantz pre-pro/Emo) than have the Belles used in the kids game room for karaoke and Netflix. I kinda miss my past Mc stuff and getting past the tube stuff. Integrated would take up less space as I won't have room to spare.


edit: Or convince me on an integrated tube amp or pre / amp in this $4k trade price range, no need for phono.

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I have the belle's with the Volti upgrades and they sound fantastic.  I believe Mike contacted me when he was going to up grade his.  Mine aren't quite as pretty as the rosewood on those,  I just went with the light oak look.    They are definitely great sounding speakers you will NOT be disappointed.  

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So I went digging around to find out just how much I have in this pair (not counting the center which is equipped the same).
The Volti horns, BMS drivers, Beyma tweeters and Dean's Gen3 Super AA (X) networks were $3922.00.
I bought the Belles, bought the veneer ($350-400 IIRC) and traded a pair of LaScalas for the labor to finish this pair.

You get the cabinets and woofers for $78.00!!!

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