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FS: KV3 and possibly an amp/eq (Southern California)


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For sale is a KV3 (SN 056796269, bought 5/16/97) that I purchased used four years ago. This center channel speaker is in acceptable physical condition (I received the speaker with the veneer chipped on one side), but still sounds great. We recently moved and the new entertainment center situation no longer allows me to use this particular speaker. Asking $100.


Also, I've got some older AV equipment from my dad's collection (he had Klipschorns that we sold, Heresey's that I'm keeping, etc...) that is looking for a good home if anyone is interested. There's a BSR EQ-3000 stereo frequency equalizer, a Crown D60 dual channel amplifier, and a Yamaha K-960 cassette deck. Send me an offer if you're interested in anything.


Finally, if anyone has a slim (<6" deep, < 7" tall) center channel they're looking to part with, please let me know.2017-01-02 11.04.55.jpg


2017-01-02 11.05.08.jpg


2017-01-02 11.06.15.jpg




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On 1/2/2017 at 1:36 PM, thrak76 said:

Hi there. I just picked up a set of 3.5s, and this would be a great match. Would you do $100 shipped? 

I can't cover shipping because I don't know how much it'll be. How about $85 and you cover whatever the shipping ends up being?

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