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R15-PM Bluetooth not visible


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Bought R15-PM recently from Circuit City.  Everything works except the Bluetooth connection.  When using either the volume switch or the remote, the systems goes into the right state with blinking blue light. However, the speaker is not visible as a bluetooth device on multiple Android phones or on a PC.  I have tried removing all previous Bluetooth connection from all Android devices and repowered the speaker many times but to no avail.  Am I missing something obvious here?  I am using an Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and a Galaxy J1 ace and a Dell Latitude Laptop and these devices see each other but the Klipsch speaker is not visible. 

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Bonjour, j ai le même problème. Tout fonctionné bien jusqu'à ce que mes r51pm ne détécte plus mon smartphone. J ai réinitialisé les connexions bluetooth sur mon smartphone et maintenant je  n'arrive pas à les reconnecter. Les enceintes ne veulent pas faire de recherche bluetooth. J ai appuyé 5 secondes sur la télécommande, sur le volume. Rien n'y fait. Elle ne clignote pas

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I recently picked up an R-15PM set and am very happy with it. Got it from someone who didn't know what they had.  Paid $50

They came with speaker set only.  Nothing else. So no remote. 

I'm pretty good with figuring things out & this is how I connected my phone via Bluetooth: 

After powering the system on, push the volume/source knob until the light in the lower right corner of the speaker turns blue (blue for bluetooth 😄) Push & hold that knob until the light starts flashing rapidly (discovery mode). Search for the device. My phone found it (Klipsch R-15PM) and it connected right up. 

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A-71 5G.

I hope this helps anyone having problems. 



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