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RB61 ii $199 with Fry's promo - today only


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Promo worked successfully as I picked up a pair of RB61 II for $199 shipped to use at my surround. 


States open box. Went back in after my order and was able to add another pair at that price so they must have at least two pair (I didn't order a second pair).

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Sorry, link below. Says good through 1/8 although states while supplies last. 




promo codes are requied to drop the price from $329 to $199. Signing up for email notifications will get you promo codes with each daily and weekly promo. If you don't have one there is probably someone out there that isn't using theirs for that specific promo and can donate the code (Fry's says that is OK to do). 


My promo code code is listed in the link but I believe you can only use a code one time. 

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Finally got my RB61's (I'm in Canada so it took awhile) and they came damaged! I hope this isn't what they meant by Open Box.  Fry's hasn't responded yet to my email, but the back corner is pushed in on the MDF.  Was pretty excited opening the box, but my heart dropped after pulling the second one out.  Anyone else suffered from this?

rb61 corner.jpg

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3 hours ago, RX8 said:

RB61ii back on sale for $199 at Fry's. As of now still have some for free shipping. 



First time, I've caught it where it allowed shipping. Sadly, I'm not even looking for any bookshelf speakers. I was just curious to see if the shipping was available.

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