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Turntable advice


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So lately I've been thinking about vinyl. I actually have a few albums from over the years but no way to play them and I would love to grow a collection. I'm looking for any advice anyone out here may have to offer on players. Phono preamp is not required. I have an HK730 that I can use up to get started. Automatic isn't a requirement.


I've read about the heavily reviewed and liked Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB. I don't have a need at all for USB and in all fairness I'd prefer that the RCA cables not be part of the unit but this seems to be fairly common on cheaper units anyway. 


Any advice or recommendations are welcome and appreciated.


Thanks for reading.

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I just got the Klipsch Reference TT mentioned above.  It is my first experience with a turntable other than occasionally playing around with one my Dad had when I was growing up.  So far, I've been very very pleased with the performance.  The price ($250) offers a reasonable entry point to try things out without committing too much, and it is more than just a Klipsch marketing piece as the Pro-Ject line seems to gather really good reviews overall and the Ortofon cartridge is well received as well.  Plus, if you have Klipsch Reference speakers, it just looks plain cool next to them. B)20170108_135555_resized.jpg

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I would look into a Yamaha Px3, they are trending down last I looked but used to sell for around 800 recently for around 400. They get great reviews and a small group on the web did a shootout with some pricey tables and it faired very well. They are a awesome budget tables and a pleasure to use.

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There are so many out there I don't see how you could say one over another in that price range. Crutchfield has about 30 under 400 bucks some with cartridges.

 I would say find one you like or in your price range and buy it. If you want the cartridge mounted already there are a few of those. If you think speaker guys get crazy opinions you should listen to turntable guys.

But to support KLIPSCH why not just buy one from them?? Problem is I don't see it on the site anymore just the whole system set up.

 I must say I like that U-Turn table with the clear platter that TEKNOID posted. Looks like made in the USA also ....wow.

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I'm really leaning towards the uturn after reading more about it. USA! I'm about to make a statement and ask a question which I'm guessing will be the equivalent of asking which tube has the best sound and at the same time start a discussion about PP VS SET. :D


From what I've read my upgrade money is best spent on the cartridge and I can always go back and pick up an acrylic platter. Is this valid? 


Going the custom route with a black base and basic Mdf platter there are a few options for the cartridge. I'm aware this is all subjective but I'd like to hear any opinions that anyone would not mind sharing. 


Ortofon 0m5e

Ortofon red

Ortofon blue 

Grado black 


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