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Some thoughts from 35+ years of pursuing the hobby:


1)  All else being equal, a cheap belt drive will beat a cheap direct drive turntable.  An expensive direct drive will easily keep up with, and probably surpass, an expensive belt drive turntable.


2)  The highest level of objective performance (in numbers as measured by scientific devices) is attainable only with a direct drive turntable.


3)  Most, if not all, of the drawbacks to belt drive designs have been eliminated or drastically minimized in the past 30 years or so.


4)  Most, if not all, "high end" (audiophile-approved) turntables today are belt drive designs.


5)  Belt drive designs are far more tweakable than direct drive designs.  This might be one reason why audiophiles prefer them.

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I find this interesting, belt vs DD. I am / was of the opinion that a direct would transmit something unwanted to the platter whereas belt would take a minute to stabilize but then be isolated from the motor especially if the driving motor was separate from the plinth. Varying voltage causes speed change but if household AC is regulated to stable AC or DC wouldn't that take the speed out of the question and only leave direct coupled motor influences?


to add: my TT experience has been an inexpensive DD with pitch control Technics (SL sumptin sumthin), a Pro_Ject RPM 5.1 and a Basis 2001

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