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Jubilee, Klipschorn, LaScala horn loaded bass bins.

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22 hours ago, jazzmessengers said:

I have Geddes Nathans in my HT, so I've been living with constant directivity speakers for a while.

Those have directivity issues below ~500 Hz.  It's the 100-500 Hz band which you probably have never heard constant directivity.  The SH-50s don't have direct-radiating coverage issues in that band. 


GedLee Nathan polar coverage plot:



Danley SH-50 polar plot:




This subject is a blind spot area for Earl Geddes, I've found, along with horn-loaded bass, the effects of low modulation distortion--which is connected to horn efficiencies, and his idea of not listening to horns on-axis...because his horns don't perform very well on-axis (oblate spheroid throats).  Earl's in denial on these issues, I believe.



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