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RP-160M Weird noise


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I have a pair of RP-160M as front and a pair of RP-150M for surround with an older Denon receiver. This is my first serious setup, I had a Logitech Z5500 before that. I have this setup for about a year and I'm happy with it. Mostly used for movies, but I occasionally listen to music too, only in stereo. I have a big collection of music, I'm still in the progress of checking them out on this setup. Anyway, I listened to a particular title today and I noticed a weird noise from the left speaker. It sounded like some kind of resonation, eg when a cheap car radio plays music at a high volume and the speakers started to distort. It seemed to come from the back of the speaker. The right speaker sounded fine at the same time. The volume was not cranked up to the max, I usually watch movies around -15dB and I have never noticed any weird noise. The particular music title has very high tones and I believe that causes the weird noises at high volume. While I was pretty sure the weird noise is not part of the music I played, I wanted to rule that out. For a quick test, I created a test sound with a sine wave where the frequency increases from 1000 to 20000. When I played that test sound, at higher volume, but still below the level I heard the noise with the music, I started to hear weird noises, but from both of the front speakers, though not at the same time. So, instead of the clear beep with the increasing frequency, I heard the beep and some kind of other random noise too, not white noise, but like some ugly cricketing.


I doubt that is normal, eg I expect to hear only the test tone, maybe some distortion at extreme high volume, but I have not went above -15dB which I do not consider extreme high volume. I mean it IS loud already, but it could still go higher.


Could someone please confirm that is indeed not a normal behaviour and I should return to the retailer? I still have warranty, so if something is wrong with them, I like to ask a replacement.



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my first thought is an electrical problem besides the speaker.   while playing music gently move the speaker wire where it connects to the denon to see if that causes distortion.  Also check the wires to be sure they are well connected to the speakers....and that the jumpers are seated right on the back of the speakers.  -15 is approx 1watt of power in so its most likely electrical.

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First of all, sorry for my english :)

I have RP-160Ms too, and I hear too some resonance from one of the speakers since few days, but only at certain frequencies.

The reason of the noise is the resonance of plastic Tractix port.

I think this one of the solution: 

" I added a little dampening to the rear Tractix port for good measure as well, it is plastic and it dose ring a bit when you tap on it. "


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When I set up my RP160ms, which was very recent (the last month or so), I ran a lot of test sweeps, although I admit not that many that were very loud at the highest end. Probably around 90db or so.  No resonances or the like.


The new horn is already damped by having had a rubberized coating added to it -- the lesser line, for example, the R15M, does not have this added.  But either way, you should not be getting sounds as described.  It is odd that both of you had this same problem.  I will try and run some loud test sweeps over the weekend to see if I can reproduce it.  The only other thing that comes to my mind besides an electrical issue is that the compression driver could be loose, and then buzzing at a certain frequency, perhaps the resonating frequency of the driver.  If your speaker is not mounted, try picking it up and gently shaking it to see if anything sounds loose.  That's about all I can offer without having run some more sweeps on my own.  

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If it makes port noise absolutely they should address that for you.  They don't want their top line speakers they are currently selling to have issues.  Klipsch is very good about handling their warranties.  You guys have motivated me to push them a bit in testing to see if I can repeat it.


Mine were purchased used though, so I'm guessing any issues were worked out with mine before.  Soldering is unnecessary running speaker wires, but it doesn't get much cheaper than running new wire if you think it may improve it.  All systems are dependent upon their weakest link to define what they are capable of, if the wire is the weak point that's one that's very easy to fix so why not?  


You gents should call Klipsch customer service, explain the issue and have them help you through the process to get it fixed or replaced.  There are less components in a speaker than you might think, it's not hard to make a fix or tighten something up if that's what they suggest. Sending it back for repair or replacement is a possible option too.  



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I have an update on this issue.

Finally I bought new cables (Van Damme  268-525-060) and not just the weird noise gone completely, but they sound much clearer and louder too.

I got a small collection of musics where I heard the issue previously (FLAC files) and now I can't here that in any of them.

Thanks again for your help guys!

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