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Better speaker for price


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Hello all, I´m a newee here and I want to create my first ever Home Theater system  but I´m lack of money and in my country audio stuff is quite expensive.

First of all, final goal is to have 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system, but step by step due to the prices in my ccountry. I want this system for use in  80% movies and 20% music, room is small to medium and in top of that because my babies I´m not allowed to use big volume....

Denon X520BT - $520
Denon X1300W - $840
Denon X2300W - $1100

RB 51 II    $383
RB 61 II    $502
RP 160M    $587
RC 52 II    $391
RC 62 II    $587
RP 250C    $502

If you count with $1400-$1500, which configuration AVR-speaker would you choose for starting a HT system, (2.0 or 3.0).

THanks in advance for your help!!!!


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Do you not have the same prices we have here on this stuff? The RC 62 ii here is less than 350, as well as a pair of RB 61 ii. I recently bought both totallying just over 700. I also bought RS 42 ii for another 360 for the pair on amazon. That puts me right at $1020. That would be enough for a 5.0, but that leaves only 400-500 for receiver and subwoofer. You might want to rethink not having a sub, they are essential for SQ. If not, you could do a decent receiver for the rest of your budget and call it a day.

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Based on your budget, prices and equipment choices listed I'd go with the Denon 1300 and RB-61's and just plan on adding the RC-62 next when money allows. One could argue though that in your situation a subwoofer might come before a center speaker as long as your mains are positioned to provide a good phantom center. I would think that you would want to get the best of what you can so that you only have to buy things once and not lose precious funds upgrading down the road. My $.02 anyway.

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Because of the small differences in cost, I would take the most recent option, the RP160M and the RP250C.  They are the newest, will be resellable at any point at a great cost while the others are older models.  Excellent models, but older.  I prefer the RP series.


Because the costs are already high for the AVR, I would get one that has Audyssey XT32, which is the best version of Audyssey and will make the speakers sound great.  That would be for example a X3300 or X4000.  If not those, I would go with the X1300 as it has XT which is still pretty good.  





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29 minutes ago, gastonacho said:

Thank you all for your comments!


I´ll go for Denon X1300 due to budget , but do you think that RP-160M+RP250C are better combo than RB61ii+RC62ii?


Thanks in advance guys!!

I do think they are better, but in all honesty if I were in your situation I would do anything and everything possible to find used versions of any of the products in your region.

The prices you have to pay are so high for these items, none of them seem a fair price.  

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