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Cherry RF-7 St. Louis


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I have owned these since new, a pair of cherry finish RF-7 speakers.  They have never been abused or mishandled and have all original drivers and crossover components.  I never felt the need to make modifications.  There are no scratches on the finish nor are there any dings in the drivers.  The grills are like new and all pins are intact.  I have the original boxes and they are also in like new condition.


I will not be considering shipping these as the likely hood of damage would be too great but you can see and hear them on the southwest side of St. Louis near zip code 63049 for serious buyers.


Sale is Pending 3/27/2017 - and they are SOLD

2015-02-14 20.01.18.jpg

2015-02-14 20.01.56.jpg

2015-02-14 20.02.12.jpg

2015-02-14 20.02.26.jpg

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They're definitely pretty, and if I still lived in St. Louis, I may be in trouble.


Question for OP: They seem to be mismatched....a lot. Two weeks build apart from the looks of it.  You got them from your dealer like this? (Yikes)


Question in general: Can someone explain the extra 19 stamped on the ID tags?  I've never seen that before.

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Yes from Ovation back when they were around in Kentucky.  I lived in Louisville but purchased from Lexington store they were an authorized dealer.  Yes I know the serial numbers are not consecutive never was able to hear any difference.  Heck the parts are picked randomly anyway probably have to pay Wilson Audio prices to get matched components.


I have no idea on the 19 myself.



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Haven't noticed any issue with wood grain being different.  Sure they are a little different they have to be it is a natural product and no two are alike.  They reside on opposite sides of the room and the fronts are black.  There isn't enough of a wood difference to be noticeable unless you were looking for it.

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Yes, the consecutive numbers will have more to do with the wood rather than sound. Cherry is one that's easy to match close enough, compared to Oak or Mahogany. Where it shows up as a problem is with something hat has large areas facing you, such as Khorn.


These are beautiful, love Cherry.



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1 hour ago, derrickdj1 said:

You will end up liking both speakers and go thru months of back and fourth comparison, lol.

Nope, just once Derrick. The La Scala's are slatted for "out the door" to a new home.  If I can't have my Scala's, surely the 7's will be a decent stand in for the time being? :emotion-21:


There WILL be more La Scala's in the near future. I am needing a new project anyway :)



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