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SUB-10 Fuse size


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I have a SUB-10 with missing fuse. The VAC input rating is 2.0 amps. I tried installing an automotive 2.0 amp fuse but it's too large (length and diameter).


 Does anyone might know the fuse type and size fuse used for the SUB-10 and whether it's a fast or slow blow fuse?


I measure the diameter to be approx. 5 mm.


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6 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

Fuses don't just blow, especially in the SUB-10.  You might as well start looking for a place to repair it.


The fuse didn't blow. I purchased the sub used and it didn't come with a fuse. The sub appears to have had little or no use. One  foot is broken. Perhaps someone dropped it and it's a return the store seller ended up with. I'm uncertain of any previous diagnostics. The power board appears to be brand new, if the problem isn't with the fuse, then I'll remove and inspect  the amplifier / control board.


When trying to diagnose electronics it's better to start with the fundamentals such as  power to the unit, power cord and any fuses.


This sub uses a BASH amp, so it's possible when the only problem is the amp, which I believe (withiout a schematic or service manual) should be a separate pcb. A new amp board is sometimes all that's required to repair an existing input/amp pcb.


This subwoofer is rated 200 amps and 500 peak.. Some subwoofers go out because of bad caps, etc. and can be repaired. Repair service service can cost upwards to   around $200.00 possibly higher if other things are   wrong with the subwoofer.


You can pick up  a brand new 300 watt (RMS) Bash subwoofer amp  for around $150.00.  SUB-10 or SUB-12 input / amp boards can be difficult to find used at a similar price as that of a new 300 BASH subwoofer amp.


I haven't yet dismantled the SUB-10 for inspection. It may be  possible to take the BASH 300 subwoofer amp board or another 200 - 300 watt subwoofer amp board and replace the amp board (pcb)   in the SUB-10.


Anyway the SUB-10 I'm adding to a bookshelf installation for a PC in a small area is  certainly large enough.  Weighs ~40 lbs and approx. ~20" x ~20" x ~20".





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6 hours ago, SiliconTi said:

Most likely a fast blow. Hardware stores usually stock fuses. The manual should tell you the type and size. 


The only manuals for the SUB-10 I'm able to find are a cut-sheet with specifications and another how to position the subwoofer.


Yes I agree it's likely a fast blow, however I'm looking for the part number and type of the original fuse. Fast blowing fuses some times have different ratings. (most likely it's a standard spec. fast blowing fuse). I've read problems about some of the Klipsch subwoofers blowing fuses, however there are no details such as under what type of conditions, fuse rating details, etc.


Potentially there's a problem with some Klipsch subwoofers or people are installing a fuse that doesn't match the specifications of the original factory fuse.





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I took a closer look and have e-mailed a repair shop for verification.


The SUB-10 fuse near the power cord, after taking some measurements of the fuse holder appears to use a 5 mm x 20 mm 2.0 amp fuse, which I believe  is a fast blowing type.


You should be able to find this type of fuse at a Radio Shack, online or possibly at a hardware store.


 It's diameter and length is smaller than a more common standard 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch size glass fuses.


Whether the factory fuse has any specific specifications I don't know. Most likely it's a standard fast blowing glass fuse. There are  glass fuses that are called slow blow, time delay fuses such as the Bussman  GDC Series, Time-Delay, Glass Tube - GDC-2A. Won't  blow for up to 2 mins with an overload.


=========== Update ==========


I found out the fuse you need is the 2.0 amp Time-Delay Slow blowing fuse


Bussman GDC-2A or equivalent will be the right fuse for the SUB-10











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