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LaScalas for sale in Dallas area

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I have a pair of LaScalas that I need to sell.  I WISH I could keep them, but I'd have to build another wing to my house to have room for them.  It would be perfectly fine to me if I had huge LaScalas in the main living room, but my wife has mentioned words like "aesthetics", "tasteful", "matching room decor" that are completely foreign to me when it comes to getting the best sound in each room of the house.  She told me that I have free reign in the media room but the other rooms of the house she has to approve.  I won the battle in getting to keep my Chorus in the bedroom, but she actually prefers the tower Klipsch F1s in the living room because they LOOK better.  


I have an industrial LaScala (black) for my center channel and I just picked up a pair of industrial LaScalas that I can use for my L/R so they match better.  Alas that means that my other LaScalas need to find another home.  


I bought these from the original owner less than a year ago.  I barely had a chance to use them so I hope they find a good home.  I'm asking $1400 and have them listed in a couple of places but if anyone here on the forum is interested I'll consider dropping that price a bit.


I know these pics aren't the best but I wanted to get something up here to start the conversation.  I'll post more later that show all the side plus the serial numbers.


LaScala 1.jpg

LaScala 2.jpg

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