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A few speakers for sale


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I have quite a few speakers that I am trying to sell. I will bring as many as needed to the pilgrimage if anyone is interested. For now these include:


'85 LaScala


Cerwin Vega HED U321

Pioneer CS R70

Sterling SE 300 Cathedral

AudioSource LS TWO

Infinity SM112

Factor Electronics 70v outdoor model

Frazier cabinet/bookshelf speaker

B52 club/DJ speakers with 15" woofer

Black non branded 8" 3 way that sound surprisingly good



If interested message me.


Here is a shot of all the speakers staged and ready to listen to in my garage.  I have an 8-way speaker selector that allows me to pick a single speaker at a time to quickly switch between different pairs of speakers.


The Keurig is for sale too by the way! :)


All speakers.jpg

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Posting some pics now of a few of these along with a better description.


Cerwin Vega Hed U321 Speakers - $300

These Cerwin Vegas are a hard to find HED design with extremely high output and crisp, clear sound. I bought these from an estate sale and did significant restoration. The tweeters are brand new and the exact same model as the original tweeter since they were still available to purchase new. The classic red foam Cerwin Vega woofers are no longer available for purchase new. I did extensive research on various drivers and used the Thiele-Small parameters to find the woofer to give optimum performance from this enclosure. The woofer I selected gives solid performance down to 30 Hertz and in my opinion sounds better than the original Cerwin Vega woofers. They are polypropylene with a foam surround which is the same style the original Cerwin Vegas used.SHOW LESS

CV 1.jpeg

CV 7.jpg

CV 2.jpg

CV 3.jpg

CV 4.jpg

CV 5.jpg

CV 6.jpg

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Polk SDA II speakers   $375

Matched pair of high end Polk speakers. Truly amazing sound.

The SDA series was Polk’s first attempt at expanding the state of the art in loudspeakers. The SDA-2 was just below the top of the line SDA-1, which added an extra mid-woofer, a larger cabinet and a few hundred dollars to the price, along with slightly more bass extension. The SDA-2 is no slouch and many over they years felt it superior to its big brother.

SDA stands for Stereo Dimensional Array, and its goal is much the same as what Bob Carver was after with his Sonic Holography: to cancel the aural crosstalk which smears the imaging clues and confuses the ear. In the Polk version, an umbilical cord connects the left and right speakers and feeds the left channel signal to the right speaker’s SDA array and vice versa. This has the effect of canceling the crosstalk, making the left ear hear the left speaker only and the right ear the right speaker only (in theory). In practice, it is far more effective than one might think.

The SDA-2 speakers are mirror-imaged pairs, with the driver compliment as follows: two 1″ soft dome tweeters horizontally arrayed near the top of the front baffle; below the tweeters are a pair of mid-woofers, also horizontally arrayed. On each speaker the inner tweeter and mid-woofer are the SDA drivers; the outer pair work conventionally. Below the two horizontal arrays is another mid-woofer in line with the outer woofer above it, and below that is a 12″ diameter passive radiator, which takes the place of a conventional port. A black cloth grill covers all of the drivers. On the back panel, there is a tweeter-protection fuse above the single set of 5-way binding posts. Below the fuse is a socket for the umbilical cord connecting each speaker.

Model: SDA 2
Tweeter: 2 x SL1000
Stereo Driver: 1 x MW6600x
Bass Driver: 1 x MW6600x
SDA Driver: 1 x MW6600x
Bass Radiator: SW120
Crossover: Dual Board
SDA I.C.: blade/Blade
Dimensions: 12"D x 16"W x 39-1/2"H
Shipping Weight: 80 lbs. per Cabinet

Frequency Response: 16-26,000 Hz. (no tolerance given)
Sensitivity: 92 dB / w / m Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms 
Suggested Amplification: 10-500 watts continuous;common ground amplifiers only

Polk 1.jpg

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37 minutes ago, pat_in_dfw said:

Matched pair of high end Polk speakers. Truly amazing sound.

Thanks for the detailed description, Pat.  Very cool.


I can't stand the Polk sound of today but I always loved the sound of the Polks from the ~1980's era.  Fantastic sound.

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Sterling SE 300 Cathedral speakers - $225


Great sounding vintage speakers. These are very rare and I've only found a few Sterling speakers for sale in the entire US, none of this model. The wood is solid, heavy and well built. Uses a 2 way design with a cone tweeter that gives a smooth, well balanced sound. The sound reminds me of the vintage Advent of the early 70s. The low end is solid and punchy. All drivers are original.

Sterling SE 300 (3).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (4).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (5).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (6).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (7).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (2).jpg

Sterling SE 300 (1).jpg

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Pioneer CS R70 speakers - $300

Vintage Pioneer speakers made back when Pioneer made respectable speakers. These are a 3 way horn loaded design with 12" woofer, midrange and high frequency horns. The sound is similar to an early 70s Klipsch Heresy but with a significantly stronger low end. These have a classic sound that opens up with a bright high end and strong vocal presence in the midrange. The cabinets are heavy and very solid.


Specs (translated from original Japanese manual)

Scheme: 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme

Using unit:

For low-pass: 30cm cone type 

For mid-high ranges: Horn type 

For high super regions: Horn type

Impedance: 8ohm Play frequency band: 35Hz - 20000Hz

Output sound pressure level: 91dB/W

The maximum input: 75W

Cross over frequency: 700Hz, 14000Hz

Dimensions: Width 380x height 660x depth of 346mm

Weight: 23kg


Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  I had to use a higher jpeg compression than I like because of the limit on uploading 2m of pictures per post.

Pioneer CS R70 (3).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (4).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (9).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (2).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (1).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (7).jpg

Pioneer CS R70 (6).jpg

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On 2/21/2017 at 11:39 PM, pat_in_dfw said:

'85 LaScala with K-55-M midrange and AL crossover.  


Asking $1400 on ad sites, but I'll cut a deal to members.  Not sure if I'll have room in my Nissan Rogue to bring both of these to the pilgrimage.  

LaScala 1.jpg

LaScala 2.jpg

PM sent.


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