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Hey everyone first post here! Recently just purchased the RC-62ii center channel and I currently have the R-28f hooked up as a stereo setup for mainly music and have a pair of the R-15M stored away in the closet because I'm slowly working my way up to a 5.1 setup for more movie focused sound. 


So my question is will my RC-62ii match well with these 4 or will it be a problem that its the reference II series vs. reference I. It didn't cross my mind at first but then I read that all speakers should have the same exact tweeters for the right sound. Thoughts? 


Also, any subs that you guys recommend? if any component of the system I would be open to another brand would be the sub. so throw any and all recommendations out there. I'm currently looking at the BIC Acoustech PL-200 and the R-12SWi and R-112SW if I can find them for the right price (under $500) Thank you! 

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Welcome to the forum.


The RC-62II is part of the(should have been named Reference V) Reference II Series while the R-28F and R-15M are part of the re-badged/recolored Icon/Synergy Best Buy models.  Yes it is much better to have matching drivers for better timbre matching but I have no experience with the R-28F's so I really can't say how close matched they are to Ref II speakers.


No experience either with the subwoofers you are considering.  Others will chime in soon.



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I will say one thing, some avr's can match or EQ the system to the main.  If your's cant then a perfect timber match can only be approximated.  How well it can be done, I don't have an answer for you but, sure a lot of us use speaker from the various reference system with different degrees of success.  I'm a prime example but, don' t push what I've done to anyone  else.   Just to many pieces involved.  I don't have any weak link or things that I'm planning on replacing.

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The 62 is perfectly fine with the R28Fs.  I had a pair of R28Fs for about a year and had it matched with the R25C, then the RP250C. And in my other theater, I have the RC52, so I have had all 3 with those fronts before.  There are differences but none so much that you will care.  


You now have a center channel that is significantly better than your mains and surrounds.  That's not a knock, it's really more to say what you have is fine but the RC62 is just a step up.  As your center channel, that's a really good thing.


If and when you want to change something, consider replacing the R28Fs and R15Ms with Reference II line stuff such as the RF62s and RB61s, which would match exactly your setup.  They are usually pretty cheap used.  


As for subs the advice given is good, bigger is much better.  There is a problem I see with subs that it gets easy to get wowwed by a new one that is better, but it is can come quick that you want something more.  I suggest considering finding one of the 115SWs for around $500ish if you can.  Then you won't be concerned with upgrading, that is about as  good as it gets for a consumer model sub that is a reasonable cost.  The 112SW is also fine, I would avoid the SW12 as that series of subs is really not  as nice.  



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