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klipsch r-115 powered subwoofer, 1 or 2


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Hello everyone, I am going to be moving soon and have a lot of gear to sell. A simple matter of downsizing. I don't want to pack and haul all of this with me.

I will provide a comprehensive list very soon. All the equipment is in very good condition to mint. Some I can ship and some will need to be picked up. This is not a fire sale however I am pricing all equipment at reasonable prices. I will be taking a loss on some items.


I live 20 minutes from Pensacola FL & 20 from Mobile AL.

Feel free to call me @ ( 251 ) 213 - 1388    Dean


If you are interested in anything I have for sale please call me. I will be happy to talk, answer questions, negotiate, what ever. Tex ting and Emailing is not my choice of communication. Call it old school or whatever but a phone call is where I prefer to start.  


Klipsch r-115 sub woofers, buy 1 or 2    One just sold, so only one left.


This one will be for pick up only.   No Shipping!!!!!!!


I bought both of them new and they are still like new ( have original boxes ). Very little play.

I will sell for $750.00 for the pair or $400.00 each.   






Pictures are grainy due to the fact having to change format of photos to be listed.  

DSC09065 klipsch.gif

DSC09064 klipsch.gif

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I bought one of these a while back to use with a pair of Belles. I have several subs including a pair of RSW 15's. This sub (IMO) beats the brains out of the RSW 15. I really never had a problem with dishes rattling in the cabinet 2 rooms over until I launched this thing. It is a brute, especially for the money (retail). At you price it's a crazy no brainer deal. Somebody get these.

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