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Diy lascalas using 18inch woofer


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The better alternative, since you are willing to go bigger, is a longer bass horn.  That would get you deeper bass.  An 18" driver would not increase the efficiency much. 


Do you remember the LB-76?  It's a J horn.  Turn the mouth backward, add a V to turn the sound forward, or brackets to space it away from the corner the correct distance and you'll have a longer, larger bass horn. 

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Italian version for 15 inch woofer


for 18 inch


another approach




as you can see the cabinet gets a lot bigger but does not go any lower and these are all designed to be used in multiples to get a much larger combined mouth size which is necessary because the horns are very short. For its size the LaScala is about as good as it gets and the Peavey FH1 is a slightly larger slightly better version of the LaScala. Dual twelves will push more air than a single fifteen you can look at the Jubilee design in a single fifteen the widest range that I have ever found is a fine design by Ernst Georg Beck called the California. others here will have designs for a clone of the Jubilee.



Ernst Beck California horn.gif

Ernst georg Beck bec1fr.jpg

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