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Pair JBL 4430's Amazing sound & condition, SOLD

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Hello everyone, I am going to be moving soon and have a lot of gear to sell. A simple matter of downsizing. I don't want to pack and haul all of this with me.
I will provide a comprehensive list very soon. All the equipment is in very good condition to mint. Some I can ship and some will need to be picked up. This is not a fire sale however I am pricing all equipment at reasonable prices. I will be taking a loss on some items.
I live 20 minutes from Pensacola FL & 20 from Mobile AL.
Feel free to call me @ ( 251 ) 213 - 1388    Dean
If you are interested in anything I have for sale please call me. I will be happy to talk, answer questions, negotiate, what ever. Tex ting and Emailing is not my choice of communication. Call it old school or whatever but a phone call is where I prefer to start.  
Pair of JBL 4430'S studio monitors
Price $1900
Pick up only.
I forgot to add a photo of the woofers, but they are in perfect condition.
Sonically they are a 10 with all original parts.
Cosmetically they are a 9+ Beautiful to look at.
I am the second owner, The first owner purchased them placed them in his home and rarely used them.  When I went to audition them he was running them with a low end receiver and only watched soft rock dvd's  while playing them. He rarely played cd's but when he did it was soft rock.  I took a cd with me so I could give them a listen. I turned them up just at normal listening levels ( not loud at all ) and he said he never played them that loud.
I got them home and gave them a good run, they will crank. All drivers working perfectly. But what really amazed me was their sound stage. As good as any and better than most.
Lots more gear coming soon. I also have a beautiful set of cornwalls and will try to get them listed next.  



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I have a pair of these. I will never let them go.

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