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Receiver "Match"?


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Might be moving forward with a HT system that uses Heresys or Fortes for the L/R channels.  The purists might want all vintage Klipsch speakers to be driven only with tubes from now to eternity, but that is a non-starter for me.  I've read that SS equipment can be "OK" if it "matches well" with horn-driven sound of vintage Klipsches.  Short of auditioning a half-dozen receivers (ain't gonna happen), what can I do?  Are there particular brands of receivers that have characteristics that match better than others?  Are there specific features I should look for in a receiver when driving vintage Klipsches?  Or is this issue too subtle for all but hardcore audiophiles?  Consider me to be a wannabe audiophile with a degree of age-related hearing impairment. :(


Again, I'm talking home theater, not a dedicated stereo system.


Thanks.  This is a great forum.

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