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Klipsch R-28F - meassuring 4 ohms?


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I recently purchased some a pair of R-28F,

I am planning on connecting them as Bi-Amp.


I read they are supposed to be 8Ohms, but decided to meassure them with my multimeter.


I meassure 4-4.2 ohms on the terminals, is that correct?


If I remove the "bridge" and meassure the bottomn terminals, I get the same, if I meassure the top (tweeter?) I get nothing.


I am not an expert on this, but should I not be meassuring 8 Ohm here?

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Welcome to the forum.


I am no expert but I think you are confused about what you are measuring.  When a speaker is classified as 8ohms, that is a nominal impedance measured with the entire frequency band(20Hz to 20kHz) not resistance at the speaker terminals.  My terminology may be way off so others will chime in to correct me.





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DC resistance isn't the same as impedance, which varies based on frequency.  The crossover, Fs of the driver, port tuning, the enclosure in general, and believe it or not even the stuffing can an effect on it at a given frequency.  Even a single driver with no box will measure differently at different frequencies.  A speaker that measures 4 ohms DC may jump up to 30 ohms or more at Fs due to the back EMF.  Speaker ratings usually just say 8 ohms nominal or 8 ohms compatible, basically means it's safe to use with an 8 ohm rated receiver.  The only time I have seen where you can count on a pretty flat and predictable impedance curve is with some high end electrostats and even then I'm not sure that it was the same as the DC resistance, can't remember.  

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