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Sudden BOOM from KSW-10 subwoofer on warmup


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I bought this Klipsch subwoofer (KSW-10) new around 1998. It's worked great for 19 years until last month.


When I start watching TV or a DVD, I will usually (but not always) hear one or two loud "booms" in succession. It's not a part of the soundtrack. This happens about five minutes into the program but only if the sub hasn't been used that day. I'm getting settled into a show and out of nowhere it sounds like a heavy book hitting the floor from a top shelf. This never happened until recently and I made no changes to settings or setup. No sudden weather changes either. The sub still works, and I haven't heard it happen with music (even with a pipe organ CD.)


I did try to turn down the level from '11' (yes, it really does go to 11) to '6'. It still happens and now more frequently.


I searched Google, the FAQs and other forum posts and haven't turned up any answers. Has anyone run into this problem before?



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I'll try another cable, but I suspect it's more involved.  I'm pretty handy with an ohmmeter and a soldering iron, so I'd like to attempt a repair. Do you know if there is a replacement amp for a KSW-10 from Edwards or other electronics supply? I read about replacing an amp - doesn't seem that hard, or am I wrong?

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CECAA850 has stated it is most likely an amp problem which I concur.  Replace it a plate amp or pro amp.  I would leave the plate amp and bypass the internals and connect it to a pro amp.  This is fairly easy to do and requires the least amount of work.

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I say: try disconnecting the wire/cable feeding the signal to your sub after disconnecting power.  Then let things sit overnight, and then start up the sub.  (Does this have some sort of auto-on?)  At least that way if there is a boom, you know it is not coming from your receiver.




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Yes, the sub is set to "auto-on", so I hear the boom only when it gets a signal below 120 Hz and turns on from standby mode. I can flip the switch to just "on" and see if that replicates the noise. I'll try your procedure of letting it set overnight and see what we get. 



Update: After reading your comments, I tried the following:

1. Flipped the toggle switch to "on" from "auto"; watched TV as normal and it happened right away - this didn't tell me much.

2. Shut everything down and replaced the cord from the amplifier to the sub; it still happened - problem not the cord.

3. Turned the power back on and let the sub sit; I heard one boom without any input signal - problem is the amp.


Now, where do I get the replacement part?


Thanks for the help. I noticed right away my music lacks depth without the sub. No comparison.

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