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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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1 minute ago, Abomb said:

I do believe that you mentioned that those clamps are good for screwing. Lol

very good return ..to funny 😂

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3 hours ago, Klipsch104db said:

2015ish reissue. 

White Summer is a Masterpiece!


Featuring Page...got that in original if I'm a man on it...

IAC nice.

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Always happy to get a chuckle. Well as long as it's not in the bedroom. 😆



I Dont Know Anything Andi Barnes GIF - I Dont Know Anything Andi Barnes Sistas GIFs   


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@Abomb won't be long and you'll have that 4 tonearm comment figured out too.  😂  💪

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Spune just one album yesterday , but a quite remarkable one . It´s consists out of three LP´s and it´s a Jazz Live Recording from 1972 at the Santa Monica Civic , it´s a german print on the Pablo label whose standing for finest audiophile recordings. See pics below ......












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Classic rock time 

‘This is a replacement record as the original is a little worn 

An excellent pressing on purple vinyl 2018


Artist - Deep Purple 

Title - Machine Head 



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AAAHHH one of these lazy sunday afternoons here . As the weather was cloudy and quiet cold for may I spun some music


I started with Al Di Meola´s " Cielo e Terra " ( Sky and Earth )




than the first Live Recording from WAR ..






followed by the debut from Mother´s Finest which is breath taking 




and finally Roy Buchanan´s " Loading Zone "




Well..it´s 10.08 pm here ..time to say goodbye !

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