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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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4 hours ago, Full Range said:

He will be wearing a foil hat if he listens to Led Zeppelin 🤪🤪😱😱


4 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

There's at least one in every roll of tin foil you buy!  😂


4 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Fedora?  Beanie?  Stetson?  hmmmm...  






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1 hour ago, Tim Sr. said:

wondering which one?

The morning stretch post 

But need to learn how to treat records better 🤪

‘Those ones are bound for the opportunity shop $1 bargain bin 

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@MicroMara  @AndreG.  better get ya sum on the cheap while ya can.  Ya snooze ya loose cause EVERYthing is selling out all over the place.


UK bluesrock ster van 2023, Dom Martin verovert inmiddels ook alle Europese clubs en podia met zijn imponerende gitaarspel. Op zaterdag 28 september zal deze gigant te gast zijn in Tilburg bij Heyhoef-Backstage.
UK blues rock star of 2023 Dom Martin is now also conquering all European clubs and stages with his impressive guitar playing. On Saturday 28 September this giant will be a guest in Tilburg at Heyhoef-Backstage

 He's got a couple gigs left then some down time.  Firing back up in Germany.  Check him out.  :)


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