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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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Gotta give him credit for listening to all of these records if they're not his kind of music. But he seems to like it and yea it's cracking me up. I have to move to a lot of music too, only it wouldn't be as funny. Now as a 20 year old trying to dance to Donna Summer or the  Bee Gees that was funny for everybody else to see! 


Catch me at the T-Birds show or some other heavy rock or a kickin'  country or southern rock band and I could seriously get-down to that.

That's on my wavelength!

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I enjoy a lot of different music. Coming from a jazz background, including country is a quantum leap... and  do enjoy some country. My dad didn't consider country [as] music. I think his opinion tempered a little, but he wouldn't pay to attend a country music show.


I am having visions of him doing a "Bob's Country Bunker"   HaHaHa


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1 hour ago, dirtmudd said:

Spinning this dreaded album.... Still can't find a emotional connection

I think there's still hope for you.

Break out "Houses of the Holy" and try "the Rain Song" "Dyer Maker" & "No Quarter"

No expectations, calm peaceful thoughts, then do like that fellow in all those first time listening to posts from last night!

I'll try and enable you


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