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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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Well... every day is busy here and this one isn't over.

She listened to Rev. Graham Jr. do a 20 minute crusade this morning then Cardinal Dolan from NYC on the supers


I on the other hand, had the Fortes and Rev. Leon in blue in the back!




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Today’s blind pick landed me with this album 

I’m sure all would agree that this was a massive album for this band 

I used to play this album a lot back in the day even had the cassette for the car 😎


Artist - Supertramp 

Title - Crime Of The Century 





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My daughter had these Artist books in storage for a while 

She finally handed them over to me to read and pass away the time during Covid19 homestay restrictions 


I’m getting prepared for some intense reading about sex, drugs and rock & roll 


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On 4/11/2020 at 9:34 AM, dirtmudd said:
It's a miracle
We cower in our shelters
With our hands over our ears
Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff
Runs for years and years and years
An earthquake hits the theater
But the operetta lingers
Then the piano lid comes down
And breaks his ******* fingers
It's a miracle

Roger Waters sounds a little jealous 

But he can’t talk as he is still doing “The Wall “ for years and years and years 

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7 hours ago, dirtmudd said:



its like this..


Why don't you get in position now and take a deep breath
Because this water is very, very cold
But it's goin' to be so stimulating
And Mary's the kind of red-blooded American girl who'll do anything
I said (Anything) anything for fifty bucks. That's right!
I really need the fifty bucks you know. I gotta get home!
Yeah, I know, your father is waiting for you in the tool shed
That's right, you heard right
Our big prize tonight is fifty American dollars
To the girl with the most exciting mammalian protruberances
Here I am!
As viewed through a thoroughly soaked
Stupid looking white sort of male person's
Conservative kind of middle-of-the-road cotton undergarment
Whoopee! And here comes the water!
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