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Full Range

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4 hours ago, Full Range said:

@MicroMara  They were not the first band to be called Sky 


I have an album by an earlier Sky 

Album ID https://www.discogs.com/Sky-Dont-Hold-Back/release/2081273

This band " SKY " I do not know. ..........I have finally found it, my first OMEGA record, bought in September 1976, in perfect condition  :P





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And then... been in the mail today, Santana's third album . I just listen it for the first time completely. It feels so good. It is now my 6th Santana album and I think that I have collected the most important ones.





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The singer David Hanselmann created the progressive rock album Stonehenge with Chris Evans in 1980. Stonehenge is a structure built in the Neolithic Age and used at least until the Bronze Age near Amesbury, England.


It consists of a ring-shaped earth wall, inside of which there are various formations of worked stones grouped around the centre. They are called megaliths because of their enormous size. The most striking among them are the large circle of what were once 30 standing ashlars, which originally carried a closed ring of 29 segments on their upper side, and the large horseshoe of what were originally ten such columns, each of which was connected to one another in five pairs by an applied capstone, the so-called triliths. Within each of these horseshoes and circles were two figures similar in shape: both made of much smaller stones, but formerly twice as many.


These four formations are complemented by the "altar" near the center of the complex, the so-called "sacrificial stone" inside - and the heelstone a good distance outside the northeastern exit. In addition, three concentric circles of holes have been created within the ring wall and in the largest of these four menhirs have been positioned in such a way that they form a rectangle. Other buildings from the megalithic era - mainly tumuli and two structures called racetracks [2] - can be found in the vicinity. There also seems to have been a processional path that led from the aforementioned exit to the right to the bank of the Avon. The radius that leads down to the entrance of the monument then, in its extension, points to the south coast of England, interestingly enough exactly at the point where the rivers Avon and Stour join to flow into the English Channel. According to this, a ceremonial procession in the sense of a circular movement following the course of the sun could have taken place, which in each case began on a certain morning in a north-easterly direction and ended in the evening coming up from the south.





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Spyro Gyra was big on the airwaves here back then. They played here and I got to hear some of the show. Nice!


This guy did a live LP that was one if not the first Lp I bought that wasn't a Beatles blue and red best of double lp.

This one is not in as good a shape as most out of the haul but darn is it ever a good one!





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Just passin thru right now.  7 hours jammin today w/a guy who stopped over.  He's learnin cause he brought a 12-pack of Heineken. Got a thumbs up from the neighbor behind me when he was out mowing the grass.  I knew it was loud but not THAT loud.  Well, maybe!  :)

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