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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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13 hours ago, Dave1290 said:


Devin is a chip off the old block!  Another level all his own!  :)

His Casualties of Cool music is so creative and unique.   The songs themselves are great, even the transitions between songs, beautifully crafted and Very Cool in themselves!    Just bought it off of Amazon.   A 3 disc set, for $20 bucks.   Apologies for the diversion on a Vinyl thread.

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22 hours ago, Shiva said:

Whoa, what a change in direction.    If Devin wasn't listed in the title of the vid, I wouldn't believe it.   A great recording of an entire album. 



can´t believe it´s the same Devin Townsend .....what kind of methamorphosis....smilie_emo_049.gif   bought https://smilies.4-user.de/include/Einkaufen/smilie_shop_023.gif

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