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1 minute ago, oldtimer said:

How is it political?  There is no face.  Just a fat slob with a too long tie saluting a Korean general.  Could be anybody.

The world has followed his visit in Korea, who does not know these pictures ....

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Had to make something for a couple of days. A Chicken casserole with stuffing that my aunt made and told everyone how to make after that family reunion that summer in the 70s.

Ate too much, coffee did not last as long today.




Didn't have enough stuffing mix so I used speedy dry to fill it in on top.

We don't have to call @dirtmudd to figure that out do y'all?


More good stuff from then, it's been too long...


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Heresy speakers replaced and planted on top of my LS since the evil cat was watching me the entire time!  So I pop in and laff getting caught up in here.  Sounds like someone had too much sleep last nite!  THEN MicroMara throws out some "Yes."  Happened to remember I just got the 50th Anniversary "Live" tour box of 4 lp's.  THEN I had to remember where it was.  Piles everywhere so have to get that shelf up this week.  Sounds great and they pulled off a lil trick on the lp's.  Should be a great listen!




Crafty right?  Down side is now there are only 7 of 8 sides to play?  Guess they don't have enough music to put on another side.  hahaha!  It does have a coolness factor though.  Cya when I see ya!  Sounds great so far though.  Do miss those that have passed though!  



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I thought that was gonna be it for the Zep tonight. That last song Tea for One is quintessential Zeppelin I hear pieces of Since I've been Loving You in it. No i don't have episodes:P and I did not have a shot tonight but there has to be more.....

This is what did it:



& now for




this could just keep going and going :)

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2 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Cool LP @Dave1290 are the others slightly different?

Yea, it's cool but there's nothing ON that side...  Don't know about the others.  That's funny though it's marked side 7, flip it and side 8 is pressed.  Just kinda strange.  $70 for 7 sides?  Guess that's about right huh?  😂

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