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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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12 minutes ago, Full Range said:

While George gently sleeps ūü§™


Now for a little Prog 

I read on Instagram today that over 70 thousand individuals voted this album the best live Progressive rock album  

As Im typing this post I am listening again to Suppers Ready 


Artist - Genesis 

Title - Seconds Out 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/4407284-Genesis-Seconds-Out




‚ÄúOld [Michael] went past the pet shop, which was never open, into the park, which was never closed, and the park was full of a very smooth, clean, green grass. So he took off all his clothes and began rubbing his flesh into the wet, clean, green grass. He accompanied himself with a little tune ‚Äď it went like this.‚ÄĚ Gabriel would briefly perform scat singing over Phil Collins‚Äôs drum accompaniment.

‚ÄúBeneath the ground, the dirty brown writhing things called ‚Äėworms‚Äô interpreted the pitter-patter from above as rainfall. Rainfall in worm-world means two things: mating and bath time. Both of these experiences were thoroughly enjoyable to the worm colony. Within seconds, the entire surface of the park was a mass of dirty, brown, soggy, writhing forms.

‚ÄúHe was still pleased, old Michael, and he began whistling a tune this time to accompany himself.‚ÄĚ Gabriel then briefly whistles the beginning of the hymn Jerusalem. ‚ÄĚ ‚ÄėJerusalem Boogie‚Äô to us, perhaps. But to the birds it meant that supper was ready.‚ÄĚ

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Yep @Dave1291 tethering from my phone right now and it's at 2.xGB of use. First time in a decade of project-fi/google-fi that I won't get $ back. I'll pay a little extra this month.


This thread has been all over the rink lately, good stuff out of several genres that are distinctly different to me personally. Been using the same cd's over again after I moved the pc out of the little room into the den. With the Polk's in the corners they make a sound that belies their nameplate and size out here.

It's 2.8GB now, got to keep it under 3 before the 5th and that bill starts over.


It's one heck of a time to try and be frugal!


* Wow @MicroMara you've made that museum piece awesome!

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A brilliant debut album - every track is memorable 

Electro Synth from 1983 by an Australian band, done in the Australian way 


Over the years the track Send Me An Angel  has been covered by other artists 


Artist - Real Life

Title - Heart Land 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/master/81749-Real-Life-Heart-Land



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On 1/29/2022 at 1:17 AM, Full Range said:

That is a well designed and built preamp and produces a beautiful soundstage on all the audio spectrum 

With some well targeted modifications with beter quality audio caps you be in audio heaven my friend ūü§ėūü§ė

It¬īs done @Full Range¬† 4 hours of work today .....


origin layout




after my moddys




Completion with Mundorf 4 x 1.0 uF 450 V Mundorf Evo Caps , 2 x 0.1 uF Mundorf Supreme Silver/ Gold Oil Caps 400V , 2 x 0.1 uF Mundorf Evo Caps 450V & 2 x 0.1 uF 650V also Mundorf Evo Caps & 6 x Silver Micas 1000uF 500 V plus assembly.




After a few hours of operation it¬īs clear that the DYNACO PAS 4 is a worthy successor to the legendary high-end components from the 1970¬īs traditionell¬† DYNACO Line of products. He plays now in heaven¬īs League . I `m going to continue the moddys with ELNA Silnic II¬† or Nichicon filter Elcos , I will see in some month ...


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Interesting  listen last night.  I picked up the 3-lp Bigger Bang live @ Copacabana Beach.  Another re-master to add to the shelves BUT it hasn't been tucked away just yet.  Hit it for the second time last night and thought it was even better than the first time thru.


The Copacabana Beach show was a free concert, resulting in what was reportedly one of the largest crowds ever. ‚ÄúNot that we‚Äôre unused to playing some of the biggest shows in the world, but I must say Rio did take the cake,‚Ä̬†Keith Richards said of the show in a statement.¬† From Rolling Stone.




Yup, they're still hangin in there like a rusty fish hook!  Charlie WILL be missed though!


HUGE CROWD!  FREE SHOW?  They still got it workin!   Snag it if you're a Stones fan!  :)




Click it to win it!  hahaha  That's not happening.  Naturally, it was released to youtube but no embedding here.  Check it out!  :)





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I can't remember when I last listened to U2's Boy. 

This is my original album from 1980, I think, because it doesn't have a barcode. 

This is when Bono sounded girlish, the Edge hadn't found his typical guitar sound yet, and they sounded a bit like punk too... 

When War is imminent, I play this record... 



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Written predominantly for piano / keyboards 

A debut solo album for Genesis member Tony Banks 

He played piano, bass & lead guitar and percussion on this album 


A little melancholy at times but some tracks shine bright 


Artist - Tony Banks 

Title - A Curious Feeling 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/6273993-Tony-Banks-A-Curious-Feeling



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