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7 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Blue Collar??? Great tune!  Don't need this pic do ya?  lol  Just layin behind me w/a couple others.  Lookin for some space.  lol  Don't know why I hang 'em...  Crooked the next day...    😂





That's just too cool!  

They were "Blue Collar" Rockers from north of the boarder,  Takin' care of business...

Thank's for sharing!




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Going to Canada now via a 70s group 

This is an official RCA Australia release to coincide with their Australian tour with Three Dog Night!

December 1972

Lenny Cravitz did a cover of American Woman 


Artist - The Guess Who 

Title - Down Under 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/6535150-The-Guess-Who-The-Guess-Who-Down-Under




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53 minutes ago, MeloManiac said:

😱 I thought this was a Cravitz original... Still remember the videoclip. 


Original :



That Guess Who singer is definitely androgynous. With all respect. 



I personally think the original was better, both in the vocal intonation and the guitar riff 

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