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Computer Audiophile on The Three: "The Three is possibly the most versatile loudspeaker I’ve used to date...it sounds great and looks great."

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Really considering picking up either a One or a Three.  Haven't seen one in person but I've heard very good things about them.

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I'm a beginner but I have both the Sixes and the Three and compared them. The Three rests inside a large cubby-hole about 5 ft tall by 2 ft wide on a shelf 4 ft high. The Three is an absolutely amazing little speaker system and the base resonates beautifully through the room which is about 30x20 and wood floors. I shared it with friends who were perplexed at how something this small could sound so pure and produce so much base. When I took the Three out of the cubby-hole, it still sounded amazing and just had a bit less base by comparison. No matter where I place this speaker, it still never sounds like it's lacking anywhere. 


Then I got the Sixes and the first thing I noticed was that I had to turn them up louder to get the base to sound as good as the Three but even then, they just didn't seem to resonate with base as much as the Three. I'm not as experienced as you guys by any means, but I'm just explaining what it sounded like to me. I think the Three uses a 5" woofer and the Sixes use a 6" woofer times two. If so, I would have expected the base to sound more pronounced in the Sixes, but it was just the opposite. Maybe it's the cubby-hole. That little Three just staggers me and maybe it's the design of the enclosure. It just has a real deep, detailed and solid sound to it. I eventually decided to return the Sixes for the Heresy's. 


In the end, I LOVE the Three. It's an amazing little speaker I intend to keep. Those who haven't heard one will probably be surprised at how great it really sounds. 



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