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Speaker Issue's And Possible Upgrades

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Sup all?


I'm a long time Klipsch user / listener. I bought a setup for myself 6 years ago:


2x Klipsch F30

2x Klipsch B20

1x Klipsch C20

1x Klipsh Synergy 12" sub


Basically the Synergy line at Best Buy... I know I know... Not the greatest but it has served me well.


At the time of this purchase I also bought some Pioneer Receiver to power it all. Wasn't the greatest and it gave me HDMI drop out all the time. Annoyed the hell out of me until I replaced it with a Yamaha RX-V1079 which has been great with no HDMI drop out.


The problem I am having and I can't tell if I had it before because I never tested for it until now is the Surround is horrible. The B20's are awefull, the sound even when boosted +10db are so quiet that even a foot away they can barely be heard. They do make a sound just very very low. So a buddy of mine asked what type of cable I was using, at the time I just used some 16 gauge monster crap from Best Buy, I know I know don't say anything... So I replaced it with Energy 12 Gauge cables, these are 50' runs to the back of the room. Immediately there was a difference in audio, they could be heard but still it was low.


Recently there was an awesome sale, I was able to pickup two Klipsch 12" subs R-112SW for half price. Hooked those up and the base was just amazing compared to the single Synergy 12", but the best part the base wasn't deafening or annoying. Sure I can shake the house but I rarely have the home theater higher then -30 to -25 volume setting on the Yamaha. So they also had a sale on the Reference R-28F's so I bought two too replace the B20's in the rear. WOW! the audio just blew me away, the clarity the loudness of them was just amazing. So I then went ahead and renovated the entire home theater. Changed it around so it opened the room up and I am now sitting back from the 135" screen.


Then came the last problem, after I had done this I thought maybe I should put 28F's in the front and put the F30's in the back. So I did but the F30's are very very quiet lol.... Tried boosting +10db but again it was just horrible. Even putting them back in the front now I can notice how quiet they are.


I've tried everything but currently they have the 28F's on sale again, for $1000 for the pair and I am finding it hard to pass up so I am probably going to grab 2 more for the front, maybe move the F30's to the side for 7.2 or just sell them.


I am torn though, should I replace the center as well and just be done with the Synergy? I can get the RC-62 II for $599.99 but how much of a difference will it make?

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Welcome. I think you answered your own question, when you moved away from the Synergy line, it made a huge improvement. I take it by the prices, you're not in the US? I heard local prices for an RC62ll were in the $160 range. The RC62ll is an excellent center. 

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Welcome to the forum from another new member. I agree with Ceptorman also I no longer find much audio stuff at Best Buy that makes me happy. I started home theater with the Synergy series but with the RF3's as the fronts. Mistake. The reference series is a major step up that is well worth the price. I am using one of the Yamaha Aventage receivers and it has proven to be a great match so you are on the right track. There is a Star Trek movie where the Klingon moon Praxis explodes - a great way to test your new subs.

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Thanks for the info.


I ended up not grabbing the RC62II and instead went with the Reference Premier RP-250C as reading it has much better build quality then the 62II. They were both the same price and I was given a $100 discount of the center channel since I've purchased a total of 4 towers and 2 subs from this company already which made the purchase a lot better.


Got home and hooked everything up. Immediately noticed a difference even without adjusting settings. I also tried the old F30's at the side for 7.2, although impressive I find they took the quality away from the setup sound more scratchy then everything else in the home theater. So my setup is this:


Epson 6040UB

GrandView 135"

Yamaha RX-V1079

Reference R-28F ( Front Left )

Reference R-28F ( Front Right

Reference Premier RP-250c ( Center )

Reference R-28F ( Back Left )

Reference R-28F ( Back Right )

Reference R-112SW ( Front Left )

Reference R-112SW ( Front Right )


The sound is so warm and crsip now, you can actually hear the surround without having to crank everything up +10db. I may grab two more R-28F's before the sale ends for 7.2 setup but I dunno. I've spent a lot of money already...

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