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Premier Wireless surround issues - what do I do?

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 Who can help me with a surround issue for the Premiere Wireless? Recently I upgraded my 2.1 setup to a 4.1 setup. My old setup consisted of two RP-140WM (bookshelf speakers) and the RP-110WSW (subwoofer) and I upgraded by buying 2 additional book shelf speakers.


My issue is that I have no sound from the rear speakers. The sound DOES work when I test them from the Hub menu. Each individual speaker is capable of producing sound. They are all set to their correct positions. I checked both on the speakers rear and in the Hub menu.


This is my equipment:
- LG UHD LED 4K TV 55UH615V (Netflix app, Youtube app, etc.)
- Xbox One S (4K blu-ray, games)
- Xbox 360 (games)
- Humax (cable TV)


Both the TV and Xbox One have no surround sound. The TV is connected with HDMI ARC to the Klipsch Hub. HDMI-CEC is on. I have stereo sound from everything the TV does natively (Youtube, Netflix, etc.). But no surround sound at all. I have checked to play content marked with the 5.1 symbol on Netflix.


The Xbox One S is connected with optical/toslink to the TV. Again I have perfect stereo sound. Just no surround sound. In the Xbox audio settings I have set optical audio to "Bitstream" and for the bitstream I chose "Dolby Digital". Choosing "DTS" makes no difference. (The reason I have not hooked the Xbox One S to the Hub, is that it has no HDR pass-through)


In the TV / AV settings of the Xbox One I have set the audio to surround. The console had to reboot, but nothing changed.


Does anyone have an idea what I can try next?!


PS: if there is an existing topic for this, my apologies!

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I just purchased the 7.2 system, and I'm also disappointed in the DSP of the control center.


It seems to me that the surround modes do absolutely nothing. For example, while playing music through Bluetooth, the signal shows as 2.0 PCM. I only hear sound from from two front speakers. If I change surround mode to all channel stereo, you would expect to hear sound from all 7 speakers. But nothing changes. I have also tried with my Xbox One, and sending a dolby or DTS 2.0 signal to the control center and the corresponding dolby and DTS surround modes do absolutely nothing!


If I send a full 7.1 PCM signal at the control center it plays beautiful sound in all my speakers. Unfortunately not all signals can be full 7.1 PCM. Hopefully they do something about this.

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I agree with awwwyeah on the "All channel stereo".  In my previous setup with a Denon receiver and wired Infinity's when I hit all stereo it sent equal sound to all speakers.  My Klipsch 5.1 system is only going to the fronts and the only bass I get is from the fronts woofers.  I would like to have sound to all speakers in all channel stereo.  Not sure why they call it that because that's not how it is.

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