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Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 channel Amp MINT CT (SOLD)


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I've got a spare Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 channel amp. Everyone on here know's I am a huge fan of Emotiva. The reason I am selling this is because I ended up buying a 7 channel for the extra channels my Jub's needed and I thought I would have another application for the 5 channel which is why I didn't just send it in for upgrade. Turns out it's been just sitting and I don't see anything going on with it. Amp is MINT used way less than a year and I actually do have original box this time. Brand new this thing goes for 1600 with the configuration I've got so I think 1200 is a fair price considering age and condition. 


I would rather not ship because it would be expensive but I will look into it if there is interest because as I said I do have the original box and anyone that has bought from Emotiva knows they give a very heavy duty box. This thing has XLR inputs as well as RCA and is very heavy and well built. I personally think Emotiva goes very well with Klipsch. Unit also has a 12volt trigger input and output. I actually do not have that cable though it did come with it. I am using it for one of my subs but they are very cheap on either amazon or you can even get them at radio shack. I paid 5 dollars for the ones I am using. They are not required though as it does have an on/standby switch in the front. 


Also as many of you know these things are upgradeable to 7 channel but just an FYI if you wish to do that you do NEED to send it in to Emotiva, they do not send the extra channels because it's a risk of electrical shock, trust me I tried having them send the part's they will not budge on that matter so if you want to upgrade, be prepared to send it out. You also need original box to send it out so anyone interested I would highly suggest keeping original box as well. They will NOT accept it if it's not in its original box. 


Alright time for pictures...




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Note this image here is of my 7 channel just to give those an idea of how it looks when it's on. They are both literally the same and look the same, 5 channel just has 5 lights instead of 7 and says 5 in the bottom right corner instead of 7. Just don't have the other hooked up so I used this one as an example. All other pictures are of the one for sale. 


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