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RF-82 or Heresy for 2 channel


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Hello. New to the forum. Looked around a bit but didn't see exactly what I was looking for so new post. I'm a music guy and listen mostly to rock. Trying to decide between a pair of used Heresy I/IIs or for about the same money a set of new RF-82s. I'm running a B&K AVR507 receiver. Yes, I know its a HT receiver but at the time I bought it thats what I was doing. I just keep it because these days I can't afford to replace it with something that would be as nice. I just run it in stereo mode.


On one hand I might think a 3 way would be better for music, but what do I know? :-) Anyway, any feedback on which speakers might be best for what I would use them for is appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum.


I can't say which is "better" for 2-channel but can say I love my Heresy I's with my NAD T773 AVR(similar to your B&K in many ways) as well as my Heresy II's with my Integra DTM-40.4 stereo receiver.


As far as 3-way vs 2-way, I equally love my RF-63's and RB-75's for music.  It is more about the implementation and component/speaker synergy than it is about 3-way vs 2-way.

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The Heresy 1's are more bright, kind of like the two way Klipsch RF series.  Heresy IIs are in my opinion better balanced.  It will all have to do with the sound that you like and system synergy, just like some folks turn the treble knob up.  The Heresys do have the ability to provide better mids due to the separate midrange when it is called for which can make them either more smooth or more forward.  Again depending on upstream electronics.


You will need to listen to all of them if you can and make your own judgement.

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