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Help with music on my HT


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Ok guys need little help. 


I have a the klipsch RP series 5.1 HT set up being ran with a Yamaha rxa 1050. I did a ypao calibration and my HT sounds great but when I switch to music it doesn't sound great. I know it could be the awkward room and etc but help me at lest to get the avr set up right. 

If I use the pure mode it cancels out my sub. If I use straight will this bypass the Ypao calibration for the peq curves?? What settings or modes do y'all use for music. 


fwiw I checked the eq curves after the calibration and since I have an awkward shaped room my front left and right are totally opposite as far as the eq settings. One is 6db at 80 and the other is -6db at 80. Same goes for the midrange and highs. I know the room is everything but those seem to be extreme eq curves. 



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I had a marantz that would do that as well. Since my seating position isn't right in the center it would make one speaker much louder than the other. What I always did was keep all the other settings intact but set the speakers to the same level dB which make it sound a lot better in my situation. Also in my experience, not sure about your AVR because I've never used that model but stereo mode should keep the calibration. Make sure and set the speakers to small also, I know a lot of those callibration programs love to set them to large. If they are set to large, it may not use the sub when in stereo mode. That's been my experience with many AVR's.

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Yes. I did set them to small. Thanks. 


I did notice I have a through setting on my peq settings page which should bypass all the eq curves. And it looks like my sub is still playing. I guess I'm still learning all this new tech. My last avr I had for 10 years. A lot has changed for sure. Just need more time playing around with it. 


Thanks for the quick replies 

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