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Hum Dinger Price on Klipschorns!


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Well they are " remarkably uncommon", must be because one of the key features is that these are "Outdoor/Indoor Indoor" 

You don't see that in your everyday Klipschorns. and you are getting $1500 off New MSRP  plus the bass bins come pre scuffed up for you. You are saving time and money  :lol:


I'm sorry if these belong to a forum member and to make it up to you , I will sell you a pair of my LaScala's for $5250 :D




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35 minutes ago, wvu80 said:

Seller is asking $10,500.  Location is the South Side of Chicago.   Hmm.


I bet if you showed up with $10,000 in cash and a truck he would take it.

You mean your Cash and Truck ? :lol:

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We can't be too sore at the Seller before knowing the back story.  It might be the Khorns finally failed the WAF and she ordered them gone.


He of course, said "yes dear" and promptly put them on CL at the "I don't want to sell these" price.


You never know.  :rolleyes:

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