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1966 Klipschorns


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A few months ago, I picked up a couple of Heresy speakers, my first venture into the Heritage Series.  Well it didn't take long to realize I had a couple of corners 

in my home that would work nicely with the K-horns.  They are walnut oiled from 1966.


I have a Mcintosh 4100 that's in for service and I cant wait to get it back.  Using a Pioneer PLX-1000 for vinyl with a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver for now, they sound as good as they look.  A 600 mile round trip road-trip to Southern California and back to Vegas, the removable top section of the speakers made it much easier to transport.  They are impressive in size and sound.  


Many hours on this site helped me in finding a pair at a reasonable price.  


Thanks!  Keith






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28 minutes ago, thebes said:

Those are great looking speakers. Congratulations.  Don't forget to put some nice flowers on top and water them frequently.:D


-- They would then qualify for a "well seasoned" pair of vintage Klipshorns. Which I believe adds just a touch more value --?

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Welcome to the forum. Your Khorns are beautiful. I also have a pair of 1966 Khorns, K-C-WRs I bought 26 yrs ago from the original owner who was on her way to a nursing home. They'll likely leave my possession under the same circumstances.

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