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Museum Transfer Ceremony Photos

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Here are some of the photos that were taken during the Transfer Ceremony on April 27th in the  Warehouse at the Klipsch plant in Hope, AR.  The Ceremony was to celebrate the transfer of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History from Klipsch Group, Inc. to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc who will continue to operate the Museum.


If ANYONE has PHOTOS of the Ceremony please post them here in this thread.  We would like to save as many as possible.


The Founding Board of Trustees


From left to right


Roy Delgado @Chief bonehead Klipsch (Steeley eyed speaker designer)


Stacey Atchison - Treasurer (CPA, BKD, Little Rock, AR)


Matt Sommers Klipsch-Creative Director (Renaissance Man) 


Ian Moore @seti (Medical practice IT, Little Rock, AR)


Christy Luquet @dtel's wife  Small business owner (Director of Passion)


Luther Ward @Wardsweb Webmaster of audio related websites and forums.  (Holds world record for owning brand new HIIIs for the shortest time in history - less than 60 seconds before he donated them to the Museum.


Dr. Kevin Harmon @kharmondds Dentist  Knew Paul Klipsch who referred to him as the No. 1 Klipsch Fan.


Paul Jacobs - President and CEO of Klipsch Group, Inc. (the Lion)


James "Jim" Hunter  @JRH Museum Curator, 


Present but not voting, Paul W. Klipsch


Not present Jim Haynes










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Founder's Award recipients


Awarded by Board of Trustees for exceptional service to KHMA


Left to right


Oscar Bernardo, Klipsch-Chief Operating Officer

John Shalam, Voxx International Corporation - Founder and Chairman of the Board

Paul Jacobs, Klipsch - President and CEO

Pat Lavelle (not pictured), Voxx - President and CEO


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There was a couple of bad ones, like when someone is talking and you catch them with in a strange position between words, but i would never let anyone see those, it's not fair. I just wish these were clear.




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When you use the right lens they are better like these, not during the ceremony but you never know if we'll ever see Mr Shalam again so here goes, and one is a toast to you (let's just say) by his best friend, Richard Groves.  If they need to be removed let me know or you can do it, no problems, there is also a few that happened a little later you might like, I can email them to you.




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I enjoyed and was impressed with Mr. Shalam's car radio story.  You just never know when Providence will drop an opportunity into your lap.  Be ready. 


Paul Jacobs came over as genuine with a real affection for Klipsch, too.  Wonderful. 

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