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Help a confused newbie - rear surrounds and subs


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Have been combing the forums for a few weeks now, and appreciate the time everyone puts in to help.


I am in process of finalizing my speaker list and could definitely use some help with rear surrounds and subs. Below is what I had in mind and it seems from the forums, it is ok, but I was looking for the preferred option.


Room is 18' x 16'6" in a basement. MLP will be about 36"-40" from the back wall.


RP-280F (L, R)

RP-450C (C)

RP-250S (Side surrounds)

RP-160M (rear surrounds)

R-112SW (x2)


Request 1) Keeping LCR same, what is preferred for the rear surrounds? RP-160M, RP-250S or RP-250F? The reason I ask is all 3 choices are within ballpark of each other after I consider cost of stands for the RP-160M


Request 2) Is it better to have 2 R-112SW vs. 1 R-115SW? (having 2 R-115SW will basically blow my budget)


Layout attached. The 8 boxes on side and back wall are columns.


Thanks in advance for your advice!!

suniths 006a.jpg

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Sadly I am not familiar with the products mentioned.  In general, I think the rears should be the straight firing, and the side surrounds the multi directional.  I would tend toward the sub that went the lowest on the +/- 3db curve, personally.  Also, if you can keep the center the same as the RL mains you will be very happy.  If I am completely wrong someone should jump in for correction.  I am assuming your choices are all timbre matched for each other, that is another cardinal rule for a good HT.  Good luck, and good job on the bump.

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Hello suniths.  You are going for a dedicated HT from the looks.  Any of the speakers you listed can be used for rear surrounds.  Some people prefer the wide dispersion type speaker and others like the bookshelf.  I like the wide dispersion type because they can be easily wall mounted.  Another option is some in-wall speakers for rear and side surround.  They sound just as nice.


Since you are in a basement, two subs would be a good start.  You can go with the R115 SW and later add a second.  Basements are notorious for being dead and  compared to being upstairs, you loose around 10-15 db of spl to pressurize the room and get tactile response.  Luckily your space is only around 2300 cu. ft.

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