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I recently acquired a single Klipschorn SN1703 from about 1960 with the K-5-J mid horn and K-500/5000 crossover.  I know it's a long shot, but I'll looking for another single speaker like this one to make a stereo pair.  Please let me lnow if you have one to sell or if you can give me advice on where I might find one.


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15 minutes ago, haydukej said:

It's like the cornwall is peeking out from behind saying "hey, I'm still here". What happened to the other one from which you acquired this one?

From what I understand, and I may be wrong. Back in the day they used to sell these as Mono Speakers. So there might not have been a second one that was purchased. But like I said I could be completely wrong


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In case you don't find a twin for this rare bird:


The Khorn is an excellent mono speaker and plenty loud to fill a big room on one amp channel. Mono has a lot going for it, every spot in the room is an equally sweet spot. You could always biamp it if you want to use both sides of a stereo amp :)


It's much easier to find a room that works with one Khorn than two. You just need a single corner, not need for an ideal-sized wall with two adjacent usable corners.

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