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Do I have the right receiver for my Klipsch Speakers?


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I recently purchased a set of the Klipsch KB-15 Icon Series bookshelf speakers. I used 18 gauge speaker wire hooked up to a 200Watt Sherwood receiver with a Sony turntable connected to a Memorex pre-amp. For some reason, I am not hearing the crisp sound that Klipsch is known for and am wondering if it is my system? The speakers are a maximum of 85 Watts each and I believe 8 ohms. Any advice or insight from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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Describe the sound more please. Where are the speakers located? How far apart? Size approx. of room? Listening position? How old is the Sherwood,model?

What is your opinion as to sound of system? How does the FM tuner sound to you? The Sherwood has no phono output of it's own? Is the pre-amp set to MM or MC?

Sorry for the 3rd degree but, need info. for us to understand. Some folk post a pic of room.

Whatever works and, welcome to the forum...:)


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