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SOLD Sonos Connect (Not Amp)


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I bought this about 10 months +/- ago from BB and used it to stream out to the back porch. My new pre-pro can perform the same function with iPad control so I took it out of the equation a while back. On another forum a fellow was asking for one so I offered it up but he took advantage of a package deal with some other Sonos equipment which leaves this boxed up. Thought I'd ask here before it gets to the top shelf in the closet.
I'm thinking $260.

Yea, I know it's not the best photo but the thing is flawless.


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5 hours ago, doggydoc10 said:

I know where my inbox is.
But for some reason is EMPTY!

Uh, perhaps not :rolleyes:

You can control how you get notified in your profile


The Bell shows that I have 1 notification. That is because you replied to my thread. Gone since I opened it.
The envelope next to it is where your PMs are.
I receive an email



Capture 1.JPG

Capture 2.JPG

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1 hour ago, doggydoc10 said:

Sry but for some reason it wasn't letting me view messages from my iPhone Tapatalk app. 

I rarely use the comp in order for me to log in. 


whats the best and final price?

Sorry but I can not sell to anyone who does not receive PMs but in your case I will give it up for $259 net shipped in the CONUS.

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