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KP-250 questions

Dave A

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Looking for information regarding KP-250's is a bit of a problem. What I would like to know is what has actually been done to improve the sound of these. Does upgrading caps from crossovers not yet 20 years old matter? I read of closing the ports to improve the bass but not an actual one where someone has done this. What would be the result if I do this? Would the KP-250 components be a good candidate for building a new cabinet based on the Forte design and if so with or without the passive woofer?

 Using my industrial La Scalas as compared to the LSBR's I have had makes me wonder. The industrial La Scala is much better to my ears. I have a pair of Heresy II's and they are just ok at best. If the KP250 can be improved to the same level of improvement the Industrials show over the LSBR I would like to do it.


  I assume all components were tuned to work with each other in the KP250's. What happens with diaphram upgrades to say the Ti ones from Crites? Is there a better woofer for more bass? Does the crossover allow for these types of changes?

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I've used a Chorus II crossovers in a poly-fil stuffed sealed box with all of those drivers and the sound (to me) improved quite a bit. Better bass but still need a sub. I've also ran the 250 (k-42) woofer in a forte II cabinet and liked the change. The forte II uses the same tweeter and mid driver as the 250, just a different mid horn. The original kp-250 has the tweeter dialed back so far you can barely hear it, I assume to protect it at high volumes. They used really nice, quality drivers in the 250 but they are tuned for max output via the crossover, best thing to do for home use is modify or switch out the crossovers completely in my opinion.

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OK switching the crossovers out never seemed viable to me since I read of so many claims that subtle changes can make big differences and different crossovers are not a subtle change. You suggest two modifications. Modifying the crossover is one and what exactly does that entail and what is the result?

Did you try plugging the ports on the 250's?



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I picked up a pair of KP-250's the other day and I too want to see what can be done to make them more like Hersey's. 


I got them to use in the garage so the box is perfect for that application, closing up the ports would be easy enough but is there anything else inside I should change?


Can the crossover be modified or should I just replace it, if so, which would be the best choice? 

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