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Outdoor Speaker Help! Cp-6, KHO-7, AW-525?

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Looking to add outdoor speakers to my patio and have limited space under the eaves but am looking for great all around sound to encapsulate my patio area.


See attached picture of the back of the house. Patio measures out to 20’x20’, the eaves are about 14’ off the ground as you step up off the patio into the house there are 2 steps onto a small 8’x16’ back porch. The eaves are about 20’ along the side of the house before the “bump out” of the back portion of the house comes into play. I plan to mount them about 6 feet from each end coming inward <if that makes sense> and pointing slightly downward to the middle of the patio where the table is located.


I want to first say that NO ONE around me has any outdoor speakers on display so I cannot listen or see them in person so I am relying on everyone else to help be my eyes and ears. I already bought and have in my possession a pair of Klipsch AW-650’s and holy cow are they huge and will not work based on the size. So now I am on a hunt for a smaller more manageable sized set, see below:


-Klipsch CP-6

-Klipsch KHO-7

-Klipsch AW-525

-Am I leaving another model out that would work better?


I am running them in zone 2 off of a Yamaha V-671 receiver, RMS on that channel is 95watts so it should do pretty well. Also am wondering the wire gauge as I have to run the wire about 80’ to get to the area to mount them.


 I am hoping some of you have experience with the outdoor speakers and can ghelp point me in the right direction!


Thank you in advance!


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I use the below speaker wire with KHO-7s probably 75' and 100' runs. During a temporary outdoor movie setup a couple of weeks ago I used 16ga lamp cord to the re-located KHOs with 50' runs. I use an Emotiva 50wpc amp to drive them.



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